Pursuing a new career path? Social media is the right place to find it

Social media was not only created to socialize with friends and/or family, it was also created as a source of information that can be useful for professionals or anyone to feed their minds to get the experience needed in order to be successful in life. Danielle Reed, the author of a blog post called “Maximize Social Media for your Career Transition” talks about different ways of how future clinicians in the field of SLPs or those who are in the situation of changing specialties or even jobs can use social media as a main source to connect with other people to become an expert in the field.

This blog post can be helpful not only for SLPs but for other professionals who are seeking for a better career experience. There are cases that for some reason you feel the need to find a new job, or you feel like its not the type of job you would like to have anymore, it’s been said that social media it’s the right place to provide you with the information you need to find different job options and to connect with other people who can be in the same situation as you are. Like I said, this method can not only be effective for professionals but it can also be effective for those working class people who are trying to level up their experience. I never considered social media as a good source to find new opportunities to be extremely helpful. Reed said, “Taking time to connect with others can help you find answers to workplace-specific questions, quickly begin social relationships, and more.” Now, after reading this post I have realized how important it is to be connected with the world. Reed also mentioned on her blog post names of different sites where even the most experienced clinicians are able to expand their professional networks and knowledge. Facebook was created a few years ago, but as the time has passed on, the way users of this particular site have been contributing into it, now they provide other users with information from all over the world and this is something we should all appreciate as being part of a population where many negativity is floating around.

According to Reed, “Good social media manners uphold your reputation and protect your career connections. Take some time to tap into the positive, professional aspects of social media and find the most useful platforms to meet your needs.” Being able to find different ways to connect with other professionals to level up your experience might be the key to your success and you’re not loosing anything by taking at least an hour every day or every other day to navigate through these sites to see what they have in store for you as a professional or future professional. Moreover, being able to communicate through these sites with others professionals that may have plenty of years in a particular field that you are interested in, they might be the person who will help you throughout your career transition.


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